Our Story

All Language

All Language

All Language has grown over the last 30 years to become Australia’s most trusted translation service.

Incorporated in 1984, All Language grew steadily with the promise of producing the highest quality translation with the best technology available. Today, we continue to provide translation services for government departments, businesses and individuals throughout Australia.

In the last 10 years the translation industry has undergone a seismic shift.

With the advent of translation software and cheap overseas translators, the quality of translated work has taken a nosedive. But at All Language, we still believe our clients deserve the best.

We continue to work with Australian-based translators, and we never use any form of machine translation.

Because of our insistence on the highest standards, All Language has become synonymous with quality translation services. We are the trusted translation partners of many government departments and Australian businesses.

When it needs to be done right the first time, our clients choose All Language.

While we have eschewed the use of machine translation software in favour of the human touch, we are nonetheless still pushing to remain at the forefront of technology in other areas. Our team of in-house designers are all experts in Adobe’s powerful design suite, Creative Cloud, and we have recently acquired the ability to produce accessible PDF documents for the visually impaired. This service is proving invaluable for government departments and companies who wish to provide accessible documents for Australia’s multicultural communities.

Our philosophy


We pride ourselves on our accurate translations — both linguistic and cultural. We’ll get your message across with cultural relevance and make sure you never offend your audience.


We use 100% NAATI accredited translators and checkers; and upon request, we can provide you with the name and qualification of both the translator and the checker on your project.


Businesses and government departments spend thousands of dollars on marketing and copywriting, we ensure that no quality is lost in translation.

Our Promise

We promise to always use NAATI accredited translators and checkers in Australia. And unlike nearly every online translation service, we will never use a machine translation.